Ellen Goldfarb

Are you a woman between the ages of 45 to 75 perhaps this will resonate with you?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Woman?  Meaning do you react to situations, large groups make you feel uncomfortable and all you want to do is escape, or you cry easily, or startle easily? There are many more traits with being Highly Sensitive, their are  tools  to help you cope with being an HSP.    You see I know what it feels like being Highly Sensitive Person, I am an HSP.   When I found out that I am a highly sensitive person I was so relieved and delighted that there wasn’t something wrong with me.  You could find out too.


Perhaps you can resonate with waking up in the morning and look at your day and it seems to be boring to you and you don’t know how to make the day be more exciting for you. Well, I can relate. You see I retired ten (10) years ago and I didn’t know what to do with my time.  I did various things but found them boring. For me excitement was to go back to school and learn something new.  It led me to Redesign My Life something I hadn’t thought about before. Now my life is exciting for me!  You too can Redesign Your Life and have a fun filled, exciting, happy, an exhilarating life.  Everyone is different, so what is exciting and thrilling for me won’t necessarily be the same for you. That’s what makes life so interesting when everyone does what is exciting for them!  


Do you have low confidence and it affects everything you do in your life? Do you have a passion, but your low confidence is holding you back?  I can definitely relate, because practically my entire life I was afraid to pursue my dreams, passions, desires. I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone.  I am now pursuing my passions, dreams and desires and I have gained self-confidence and you can too!



As part of the criteria for the coaching course I have been working on with Coaching

Cognition I had the opportunity to work with Ellen Goldfarb for six peer coaching 

sessions. Although Ellen and I come from very diverse backgrounds Ellen displayed 

warmth and kindness from the onset. Immediately I knew that I would grow to like 

her and feel safe with her. Every week I looked forward to meeting with her.

From a personal perspective I was facing several challenges however each time I 

spoke to Ellen she helped me to try sand see things very objectively. This made the 

process of navigating through my issues much easier and I feel that this was whole 

heatedly contributed by the fact that I was being coached by Ellen. 

What I loved is Ellen asked me regularly the ways in which in could acknowledge my

self to try and promote self empowerment and growth. I have since used this 

methodology when practicing with my own clients because of the effects it had on 

me. Ellen has a natural ability to ask powerful questions to make you reframe and 

see things from a different perspective. Her calm tone of voice and relaxed sense 


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